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$149 with 1GB included. Top-up as low as $1.50 per GB.

Frequent traveler or road warrior? Buying a Teppy Powered by Sapphire is your best choice! Carry your own private and secure Wi-Fi in your pocket. Use virtual cloudSIM technology, get blazing fast Wi-Fi in 130+ countries with no commitment or contract.

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Internet in Morocco

As-salaam alaykum! This popular Moroccan greeting literally means “peace be with you” in Arabic, one of several languages widely spoken in the country – a reflection of Morocco’s cultural diversity and fascinating history. Get immersed in this vibrant and welcoming country where you can traverse deserts and sand dunes, climb mountains, and explore old cities and kasbahs.
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Bring your Travelwifi hotspot to Morocco for an exciting and safe North African trip.

Teppy quickly finds the fastest 4G networks near you using virtual SIM technology and connects to the most reliable mobile providers like Meditel, Maroc Telecom, and Wana. Now your phone, tablet, and laptop can get on the web with a fast, secure, private WiFi network.

Why bring a hotspot? So you can spend more time relaxing, sipping coffee, nibbling on tajines, and watching people meander by. Everything is better when you’re connected, and travelling around Morocco becomes a whole lot simpler thanks to the help of the Teppy WiFi hotspot.

Sample the flavours of Morocco’s delicious cuisine - harira, tagine, couscous, and more have been influenced by other cultures and cuisines from near and far. Try cooking traditional food with fresh ingredients from the market - just find easy-to-follow recipes online. Or book a local cooking class on Viator for expert guidance and peace of mind.

Secure a tour to explore the world’s largest desert, the Sahara. Whether you want to stay in the safety of a 4x4 or climb on the back of a camel, there are lots of options available online. You can even stay the night in a luxury camp. Find the best tour provider and compare reviews on TripAdvisor.

Browse the bazaars in Marrakesh or Fez and leave with authentic souvenirs at bargain prices. Bartering is the norm in these places, so practice your haggling skills. Download a currency conversion app like XE so you can tell what’s good value.

Discover the country’s fantastic architecture and religious beliefs by visiting some of its beautiful mosques. The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is a sight to behold, and is the largest in the country. You can tour most of these impressive mosques, but check online first to ensure you visit outside of regular prayer times. Or if in doubt, find a local guide on GetYourGuide.

Experience all this and so much more with the help of Teppy. With this reliable hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never be concerned about finding the closest public WiFi network or dealing with frustratingly slow Internet speeds. An exotic Moroccan getaway is now within your reach.

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