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Blijf verbonden in Malaysia met onbeperkt internet en uw keuze aan draagbare pocket wifi en simkaarten.

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We versturen het rechtstreeks naar je huisadres, of je kunt het afhalen in Parijs of Londen.

Huur een Teppy

Vanaf slechts $6,95/dag

Een beveiligde, wereldwijde wifi-hotspot op zakformaat. Reis je met familie of vrienden? Houd tot vijf smartphones, laptops, tablets spelcomputers verbonden met onbeperkt internet.
Meer dan slechts wifi - Essentiële extra's tijdens je huurperiode
We hebben internationale wifi en bellen geperfectioneerd, plus noodhulp voor drukke reizigers onderweg.
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  • Bellen en sms'en naar het buitenland

  • Prime Wi-Fi

  • Tep Guru

  • Kitestring SOS

Een Teppy kopen

aangedreven door

$ 149, inclusief 1 GB. Bijladen voor slechts $1,50 per GB waar je ook bent

Regelmatige reiziger of road warrior? Dan is een Teppy Powered by Sapphire je beste keuze! Draag je eigen persoonlijke en beveiligde wifi in je zak, waar je ook naartoe gaat. Maak gebruik van virtuele cloudSIM-technologie, profiteer van razendsnelle wifi in 130+ landen zonder verplichtingen of contract.

Travelwifi Sim Card

Vanaf $39 inclusief 20GB.

Ontgrendel je smartphone en bereid je voor op verbinding op 200+ bestemmingen tegen absolute bodemprijzen. Versla alle roamingtarieven en profiteer van onbeperkt bellen en SMSsen met 4G LTE-snelheden.

Internet in Malaysia

Selamat pagi! Malaysia exemplifies togetherness, blending Malay, Chinese, and Indian cultures harmoniously along with indigenous and aboriginal tribes. Food-loving tourists are drawn in by the fusion of flavours in Peranakan cooking, bursting with fragrance and colour. But harmony goes much deeper – witness different cultures and religions side-by-side, and experience their fascinating festivals and traditions. We can all learn a little something from Malaysia.
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Road in front of Sultan Abdul Samad Building In Malaysia
Kek Lok Si Temple panoramic view on Penang

Bring your handy Travelwifi hotspot, Teppy, to Malaysia to experience all it has to offer.

Teppy instantly searches for the best 4G networks around you with virtual SIM technology. It then effortlessly connects to the fastest and most reliable mobile providers, like Digi Telecommunications, Maxis, and Celcom Axiata, so your phone, tablet, and laptop can get online using a fast, secure, private WiFi network.

With WiFi under control, you can start planning your trip from the Malaysian Peninsula to the Malaysian portion of Borneo where there’s even more to experience. Everything is better with WiFi at your disposal, and exploring Malaysia becomes so much richer with a Travelwifi hotspot in your pocket.

Snap a photo of the iconic Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, dominating the city’s skyline. Head inside the towers to walk over the Sky Bridge, with amazing views looking down over the endless city. Share your favourite photos with friends on Instagram.

Need to travel quickly to your next spot? Pull up the Grab app, the most popular ridesharing platform in Southeast Asia. If you’re feeling more adventurous and travelling solo, try GrabBike for an on-demand motorcycle ride.

Observe orangutans in Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, just outside of Sabah. The centre rescues orangutans who have become orphans due to poaching or have been kept illegally as pets. Animals are rehabilitated before being released back into the wild. Join a tour during feeding time to get the best views of these graceful creatures.

Learn all about the culture and history in Malacca, also known as the Historic State, from impressive street art and architecture to galleries and museums. Use Wikipedia to brush up on the influences of Dutch and Portuguese colonisation before you visit.

Surround yourself with nature in one of the country’s largest national parks, Taman Negara National Park. As well as peaceful ambiance and natural nightlife, Taman Negara is home to the longest rope bridge in the world. Plan your hikes around this feature using Google Maps.

Challenge yourself with a trek up Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia. This peak, at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers two tough hiking routes and must be led by licensed guides. Two days are normally needed to complete this trek, so visit TripAdvisor for tips on the best accommodation options en-route.

All of this, and much more, is possible with Travelwifi. Thanks to this slimline hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never have to search for the closest public WiFi network or put up with unbearably slow Internet speeds. Mouth-watering Malaysia is within your reach.

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