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Viaggiatore frequente o guerriero della strada? Lìacquisto di un Teppy Fornito da Sapphire è la scelta migliore! Portati in tasca il tuo Wi-Fi privato e sicuro ovunque tu vada. Utilizza la tecnologia virtuale cloud SIM e ottieni un Wi-Fi veloce come la luce in 130+ Paesi senza alcun impegno o contratto.

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Sblocca il tuo smartphone e preparati a collegarti in 200+ destinazioni a tariffe bassissime. Dì addio a tutte le tariffe di roaming e usufruisci di chiamate e SMS illimitati insieme alle velocità 4G LTE.

Internet in The Caribbean

Wha happenin dey? The Caribbean is a collection of heavenly islands waiting for you to explore. These diverse, colourful nations, are wrapped by azure seas, covered by lush, green forests, and sprinkled with rainbow-coloured wildlife. It’s no surprise local wardrobes follow suit! Marinate in the Caribbean’s hospitable, laid-back atmosphere, along with a plate of jerk chicken and a glass of rum punch, and you’ll inevitably wonder if there’s any way to avoid having to leave these islands.
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Grote Knip beach, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Colourful houses on the tropical island of Barbados

Pack your trusty Travelwifi hotspot to truly enjoy “island time” on your Caribbean island trip.

Teppy automatically searches for the fastest 4G network near you with virtual SIM technology and immediately connects to the most dependable mobile providers like Digicel, Liberty Latin America, and Globalstar. Your phone, tablet, and laptop can then browse the web using a fast, private, secure WiFi network.

Travelwifi takes care of staying connected, so you can focus on planning which Caribbean islands you’ll call home on this vacation (there are more than 7,000 of them, but only a small percentage are inhabited). Everything is better with an Internet connection at your disposal, and travelling around the Caribbean becomes an island breeze with a little assistance from your Travelwifi hotspot.

Hike your way around the Caribbean with plenty of mountains and routes to choose from. The Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica is an ideal choice all fitness levels as you can explore the entire 115-mile trail or just tackle a section of it. Check out each of the 14 sections and plan your hiking route on the official trail website.

Delight in reggae music in its birthplace, Jamaica. Whether you’re chilling out on the beach, having a drink in a bar, or dancing in a club, reggae is the consummate backing track. Stream a reggae playlist on Spotify to familiarise yourself with the genre while you travel.

Party like it’s Carnaval in Rio. Lots of the Caribbean islands have their own street carnivals every year where locals dress up, party in the street, and guzzle rum cocktails. Trinidad, Barbados, and the Cayman Islands are some of the best. Use WhatsApp to gather and coordinate your tribe for Carnaval.

Surfing in the Caribbean is perpetually popular thanks to its balmy tropical climate and sandy beaches. There’s no shortage of top-rated surf spots across the islands. Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Tobago are all favourites amongst serious surfers. Check the latest swell reports online or review expected weather conditions further ahead to plan the perfect surf trip.

Swim with a different kind of marine life when you visit The Bahamas. Wild pigs have settled on an uninhabited island in Exuma, and tourists from all over the world flock to visit them. The swimming swine are friendly, so you can hand-feed them, swim playfully, and even capture a selfie to share to Instagram.

All of this, plus so much more, is possible with Travelwifi. With this travel hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never have to search for the closest public WiFi network or deal with frustratingly sluggish and unreliable Internet speeds. Are you ready for an unforgettable Caribbean island trip? Yeahhhh mahn!

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