The Best Service Wherever You Go

Our Cloud SIM technology automatically connects you to the strongest signal wherever you are.

Powerful and Simple

TravelWifi hotspots are powerful yet easy to use. Their cloud infrastructure provides reliable speeds instantly by automatically connecting you to the leading network or carrier in your area. Get the strongest connection possible in the palm of your hand.

No SIM Cards Needed

With Cloud SIM technology, you won’t have to switch between multiple SIM cards or deal with high roaming fees. Instantly access TravelWifi’s SIM database stored in the cloud. No contract or monthly costs. Simply select the data package you’d like and pay as you go.

Built to Explore

Our lightweight global Wi-Fi hotspots are meant for wandering. Carry them in your pocket just like a smartphone and access Wi-Fi across more than 130 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Oceania. We make it easy to explore.

Make It Your Own

Travel the way you want. Whether you spontaneously hop on a train, or carefully plan the next stop, make sure you have the best service wherever you are. Our hotspots are made for flexibility and convenience, so you won’t have to compromise or settle for less.

Meet TravelWifi Hotspots

High speed connectivity. Low cost data plans. Get access to unlimited portable Wi-Fi from anywhere in the world. TravelWifi hotspots are secure, affordable, and reliable. Discover which product is best for you.

Additional Products

Regional SIM Card

The Regional SIM Card provides you with 20GB of highspeed 4G/LTE internet in all 30 European countries. And the best part is: you have unlimited calls and SMS within Europe and 2 hours...

The Best Data Plan for You

Stay connected wherever you go next. Our TravelWifi data plans are flexible. Choose between a prepaid or pay as you go plan, by day, month, or data usage, for a specific country or multiple countries. With a personalized hotspot plan, you’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about TravelWifi products and services or reach out to our customer support team, available for help 24/7.