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Te lo enviamos directamente a casa o puedes recogerlo en París o Londres.

Alquila un Teppy

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Un hotspot Wi-Fi global y seguro, tamaño bolsillo. ¿Viajas con familiares o amigos? Conecta hasta cinco teléfonos inteligentes, ordenadores portátiles, tabletas y consolas de juegos a internet sin límites.
Más que simplemente Wi-Fi: Extras esenciales durante tu alquiler
Hemos perfeccionado las llamadas y Wi-Fi internacionales, además del servicio de emergencia para viajeros ocupados que viajan.
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Compra un Teppy

con la tecnologia

Compra un Teppy por 129 $ con 1 GB incluido. Recargas por apenas 1,50 $ por GB en cualquier lugar

¿Viajero frecuente o amante de la carretera? ¡Comprar un Teppy con la tecnología Sapphire es tu mejor elección! Lleva tu propia Wi-Fi privada y segura en el bolsillo, dondequiera que vayas. Usa la tecnología virtual de cloudSIM, consigue Wi-Fi a máxima velocidad en más de 130 países sin compromisos ni contrato.

Tarjeta SIM Travelwifi

Desde 29 $ con 500 MB incluidos.

Desbloquea tu teléfono inteligente y prepárate para conectarte en más de 200 destinos a tarifas excepcionales. Supera todos los cargos de itinerancia y disfruta de llamadas y mensajes de texto ilimitados junto con velocidades 4G LTE.

Internet in Asia

Nǐ hǎo, konnichiwa, and namaste! As the vastest and most populous continent, Asia brings together more travel experiences than you can possibly imagine. From Himalayan hikes to Thai full moon parties, there’s a new adventure around every corner. Visit the modern wonderlands of Hong Kong and Singapore or explore ancient Hindu temples in Thailand and Cambodia. Not to mention the mouth-watering aromatic cuisine of India. Which Asian country will you tick off your bucket list next?
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Pack your Teppy travel hotspot for your trip to Asia and stay connected wherever you roam.

Travelwifi instantly discovers the best 4G networks nearby through virtual SIM technology, then automatically connects to the fastest and most reliable mobile providers, like SK Telecom, China Mobile, Tata Communications, and NTT Communications. Now you can connect and surf the web on your laptop, tablet, and smartphone with a fast and secure private WiFi network.

With your Internet connection sorted, start planning which city or country to visit and how to get there. There’s so much to see and do, but at least your trip is made that little bit easier with your pocket WiFi hotspot.

Make the most of Southeast Asia’s low prices in popular countries like Vietnam and Thailand. Your budget can stretch a long way, but ensure you’re not getting ripped off by referring to a handy conversion app like XE Currency.

Delve deep into the fascinatingly complex culture of Japan, and remember to share all those Instagrammable moments every day.

Stay connected while in China using the popular WeChat app (Whatsapp is technically off limits). Whether that’s to keep in touch with loved ones or colleagues back home or with fellow travellers you meet along your trip.

Turn to Google Maps to decide which Indonesian island you’re going to visit next. There are at least 17,500 of them, 6,000 of which are inhabited! Ferries are frequent between the main islands so you don’t have to book in advance.

Learn about the history of Cambodia’s magnificent temples, including UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat. Pull up YouTube to watch clips of this grand temple featured in movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

All this, and more, is made possible thanks to Travelwifi. With this handy hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never be concerned about finding the closest public WiFi network or dealing with frustratingly slow Internet speeds. Your Asian adventure of a lifetime is waiting.

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