Designed for travelers

Seriously cheap worldwide calls and sms

Add credit instantly in-app, then pay-as-you-go or buy bundles. Transparent call & SMS rates puts you in control of your costs

Chat with your travel buddies & those at home for free

All Tep+ users get free text, voice and video chat. Create group chats and share pictures, video, locations & recordings

Download and start using instantly

Free iOS and Android download, no registration or credit card required. Syncs with your phone’s contacts immediately.

Priced for endless talking

Which country do you want to call?

Save 620% vs Skype








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All prices in $USD, including taxes. No connection fee. Minimum call charge of 60 seconds.

Call quality that doesn't suck

Tep+ is built upon a truly unique VoIP platform which uses 9x less data (and 8x less battery) than other mobile VoIP technologies available today.

This translates into much better call quality, due to a lower network load, resulting in reliable calls even in areas with weaker coverage or slower network speeds.

Perfect for travelers looking for reliable and high-quality calls, wherever the road takes them.

Unlike Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook, you can use Tep+ to make calls and send SMS text messages to any number worldwide. Call and SMS charges are as low as they can possibly be, meaning you’ll save over 220% on average versus Skype. Finally, Tep+ also has the best and most reliable call quality compared to all other VoIP providers.
How am I charged?
Tep+ is free to download, and Tep+ users can call and message each other for free. To make calls and send SMS text messages to someone who isn’t using the Tep+ app, you will need to add credit to the Tep+ app. Call are charged per minute, while SMS text messages are charged per SMS. When in a call, you will be able to see the per minute rate, as well as the total cost of the call.
What is a Tep+ number, and why should I get one?
A Tep+ number is essentially a phone number that is linked to your Tep+ account, with which you can make and receive calls worldwide. Here are a few reasons why you might want to get a Tep+ number:
  • You can enable call forwarding on your phone to receive all calls to your Tep+ number, from within the Tep+ app.
  • If available, you can get a Tep+ number local to the destination you’re traveling to, so that locals can easily call you.
  • You can give your Tep+ number to anyone in the world, and you’ll never be charged for receiving calls to that number.
  • Worried about privacy? Get a Tep+ number temporarily to help hide your identity.

Please note that Tep+ numbers are for making and receiving calls only - they do not support SMS text messaging.

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