The secrets to a perfect trip

Have any questions? Need anything? Just ask your local concierge!

Explore unique & exciting places away from tourist traps

Discover delicious local cuisine and the best places to eat it

Learn the best ways to move around the city

Make calls, bookings & other arrangements on your behalf

Want to be surprised? Tell your concierge to plan your day!

Real locals, real insight


Milan, Italy

I am a mother, a personal image consultant and a personal shopper. I can easily advise you on the best shops, places to visit and things to do in Milan.


Venice, Italy

I'm currently studying architecture in Venice. This is a stunning city, surely you know that, but with my help you'll enjoy it that much more!


Barcelona, Spain

I am familiar with the best scenery spots here in Barcelona; hidden bars, restaurants and cafes and of course the Catalan nightlife!


London, UK

I have worked at iconic hotels, such as The Savoy, and therefore I have extensive contacts to get things done seamlessly and professionally.

Meet Your Travel BFF

Chat with your local concierge from 9am to 8pm every day via the Tep+ app
How do I interact with my local concierge?
You will be able to chat with your local concierge anytime you want on your smartphone via the Tep+ app or WhatsApp. Both are free to use, and require a working internet connection.
Why is a local concierge better than Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.?
Do you enjoy browsing through endless top 10 must-see’s and must-do’s? Do you want to stay on the beaten path paved my endless tourists before you? Are star ratings more important to you than authentic experiences?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then this service is for you. Tap into the insights of real locals, and experience a reinvention of sightseeing. You are guaranteed to experience the city in a way few tourists ever do. Go on a unique journey of discovery, free from tourist traps, language barriers and experience the convenience of having a real local at your fingertips whenever needed.

What if I’m traveling to multiple cities?
No problem, you will be assigned to multiple local concierges throughout your trip – one per city!
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