Peace of mind wherever you go

Kitestring checks up on you with a simple text message. Reply to the message to check in. If you don't check in, Kitestring sends your emergency contacts a personalized alert message.

Easy as pie

Set a timer & write the emergency text

Choose your emergency contact(s)- that's it!

As seen in the press

"Kitestring' App Is The Virtual Mom You've Always Wanted"

"This App That Makes Sure You Get Home Safely is Your new Overprotective Mom"

"Kitestring App Texts Your Firesds If You Don´t make It Home"

"Kitestring The App That Makes Sure You Get Home Safe"

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Why should I use Kitestring?
There are a few personal safety apps and services out there, many of which are great tools, but there are a few reasons why we decided to create Kitestring:
  1. Most people don’t use personal safety apps, mainly because they’re too inconvenient. We put a lot of time and love into Kitestring to make it as easy as cherry pie.
  2. Most of these apps are triggered by some action, like pushing a big red button or shaking one’s phone. We suspect that a lot of bad situations do not afford a victim the opportunity to take these actions. Kitestring is a little different—it’s triggered by the victim’s inaction.
  3. Many of these apps are not free – after all, their creators need to eat. But any price tag, no matter how small, is enough to deter most people. Kitestring is free because we want people to use it.
Who is Kitestring for?
The idea for Kitestring appeared after one of our girlfriends, who lived in a dangerous neighborhood in San Francisco, requested to check up on her as she was walking home from work one day. This raised the question – is there an app or service that could offer a little extra safety when going out at night?

But, since the launch of Kitestring, many different people have found creative ways to use Kitestring – ways that we never anticipated when we first launched. We’ve heard from real estate agents, online daters, outdoor adventurers, motorcyclists, military spouses, single parents, the LGBTQ community, senior citizens living alone, college students and many more!

Each of these demographics faces a unique set of dangers. We spoke with a few independent senior citizens who use Kitestring so their families don’t feel the need to check up on them constantly. We heard from a real estate agent who uses Kitestring when she holds open houses. A motorcyclist told us he likes to ride by himself on the open road, and he uses Kitestring to send help in case of an accident.
Is there a native mobile app?
To make it available to almost anyone, Kitestring is designed to be a SMS-based service. If you can send text messages, you can use Kitestring. That’s it! Kitestring can also be accessed via the Tep+ app.
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