What is TRAVELWIFI’s Satisfaction guarantee?

We get it; while traveling, internet is crucial to keep up with work remotely, maintain contact with important people and prevent yourself from getting lost. It’s also pretty important to keep up with important sports developments, post on Instagram and stalk your friends online :-)
For that reason, our mission is to ensure that your experience with our service is uncompromising in enhancing your traveling.
If for whatever reason your travel plans change or are cancelled, if you want to amend your order, or you have any concerns about your Teppy - our promise is to address and resolve everything proactively, effectively and for free!
In fact, we want you to trust that, if things go not as planned, our 24/7 customer support team are always there to help, and will do whatever it takes to remedy an unexpected situation...and feel free to ask them the impossible, they take pride in solving complex situations to bring the smile back to your face.
What traveling should really be all about!

Loved & Trusted by Travelers