Rent Internet While You Travel

Start renting at $6.95 a day.

Our hotspot guarantees the best signal available to maximize your time exploring.
Our signal is secure and, yes, truly unlimited. If you consume your daily rate of data, the internet connection will continue to be avaible at a lower speed. Dodge high fees of typical carriers while you discover the world.


Travel Easy with Global Unlimited Wi-Fi

Tep+ voice calling app is free and included

Kitestring, our emergency service is free and included

Connect up to five devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and gaming consoles

Blazing fast speed with a 4G LTE connection up to 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink

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Experience Travelwifi for Yourself

For travelers every detail matters - check your passport expiration date!

That’s why every Teppy arrives in a travel-friendly case with universal adaptors you'll need as soon you arrive at your destination.

And to elevate your adventure, the Tep+ voice calling app and Kitestring SOS service are free with every order.