Wi-Fi connectivity that automatically travels to your business to connect with your customers.

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Portable Wi-Fi connectivity, wherever they go

In these new times of virtual offices, make sure your employees are equipped with all of the tools they need to stay connected from anywhere.

  • Custom data plans for individuals, teams and entire corporations
  • Affordable, low rate monthly data plans
  • Reliable 4G LTE speeds
  • Connect up to 5 devices to each hotspot such as phones and laptops for all of your business and entertainment needs

Take the lead in education and learning

From elementary to graduate school, video chats have become our new classrooms. See how Travelwifi can provide solutions that allow learning to continue.

  • Improve virtual communications between educators and students
  • Seamless, reliable speeds to provide a better learning and teaching experience
  • Private, password protected network for secure connectivity
  • Custom, affordable monthly data plans

Be the connectivity solution for today's preferred way to take a vacation

The camping, RV and travel trailer industries are experiencing explosive growth because of the desire for families or groups of friends who want to continue social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, yet still go on vacation.

  • Capture your share of this estimated $120 billion industry
  • Offer secure and reliable mobile connectivity as an added value to customers staying with you
  • Feature mobile connectivity and portable Wi-Fi hotspots to increase foot traffic and retail sales
  • Plug in to the post-pandemic craving for road trips and camping

We'll help you reach the intersection of travel and connectivity.

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