Pioneering Portable Wi-Fi - Together!

After serving over half a million happy travelers, three international hotspot companies joined forces to bring you the best portable internet solution. Travel Wifi, Tep Wireless and Sapphire are now under one roof to provide the best pocket Wi-Fi to the most important people, our customers.

We're still the same avid travelers with a passion for keeping you connected abroad. And trust us, our top-notch customer service that made your adventure seamless isn't going anywhere. In fact, the Sapphire hotspot trusted by the U.S. military expands our coverage, upgrades security, and really goes the extra mile to take care of your needs.

From international mobile hotspots to SIM cards and unique travel accessories, this is the new Travelwifi.

Now That We've Met

Go ahead and try the smartest way to travel. Just let us know where you’re going, and we’ll handle the rest!