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Ein sicherer WLAN-Hotspot im Taschenformat – weltweit. Reisen Sie mit der Familie oder mit Freunden? Genießen Sie unbegrenztes Internet mit bis zu fünf Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets und Spielkonsolen.
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We’ve perfected international Wi-Fi and calling, plus emergency service for busy travelers on the go.
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Viel- oder Geschäftsreisender? Dann ist ein Teppy mit Sapphire die beste Wahl für Sie! Nehmen Sie Ihr eigenes privates und sicheres Wi-Fi überallhin mit. Nutzen Sie die virtuelle CloudSIM-Technologie und erhalten Sie ultraschnelles Internet in mehr als 130 Ländern ohne Bindung oder Vertrag.


Ab 39 $ mit 20 GB inklusive.

Entsperren Sie Ihr Smartphone und gehen Sie an mehr als 200 Reisezielen zu Tiefstpreisen online. Schlagen Sie Roaminggebühren ein Schnippchen und genießen Sie unbegrenztes Telefonieren und Texten mit 4G-LTE-Geschwindigkeit.

Internet in Costa Rica

Hola! This Central American jewel shines with brilliance. Costa Rica is the first choice for many North American travellers – just imagine relaxing on a soft sandy beach with a colourful cocktail in hand, or getting an adrenalin rush on action-packed zip lines and white-water rafting. Nature lovers will find an abundance of wildlife, from capuchin monkeys to brightly coloured toucans. No matter your preference, Costa Rica has got it.
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Waterfall in Volcán Tenorio national park in Costa Rica
Sea coast in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca village in Costa Rica

Bring your handy Travelwifi hotspot to Costa Rica to get the best experience of la pura vida.

The Travelwifi hotspot effortlessly searches for the best 4G networks around you with virtual SIM technology. It automagically connects to the most reliable and fastest mobile providers like ICE, Claro, and Movistar, so your phone, tablet, and laptop can use the web on a fast, secure, private WiFi network.

With your WiFi connection sorted, you have time to start brushing up on your Spanish so you can speak like a local in Costa Rica. Everything is better with WiFi at your disposal, and travelling around Costa Rica becomes much simpler with Teppy, the Travelwifi hotspot, in your bag.

Share stunning photos of Costa Rica’s natural landscape with friends on Facebook and Instagram. The country has hundreds of waterfalls, like the 70-metre high La Fortuna Waterfall. Capture incredible aerial travel photos on your drone then cool off after a long walk by swimming in the refreshing pool under the falls.

See the rainforest from above on the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway. Towering 25 storeys, this suspension bridge spans 245 metres, giving you a bird’s eye view over the trees, pools, waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Snap photos of the different species and try a Reverse Image Search on Google to figure out what they are.

Check out the National Theater’s website to find scheduled concerts and plays. Even if you don’t buy a ticket for a performance, you should book a tour of the National Theater to get up close to the impressive architecture and ornate decorations inside.

Study Wikipedia to learn about the mysterious stone spheres that were discovered in Costa Rica in the 1930s, then head to Palmar Sur to see them for yourself. These near-perfect spheres weigh up to 16 tonnes and are thought to be up to 1,000 years old, but no one knows with complete certainty how or why they got there.

All of this, and a lot more, is possible with Travelwifi’s pocket hotspot. Thanks to Teppy, you’ll never be concerned about finding the nearest public WiFi network or suffering frustratingly slow Internet speeds. Start planning your maravilloso trip to Costa Rica today.

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