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Ein sicherer WLAN-Hotspot im Taschenformat – weltweit. Reisen Sie mit der Familie oder mit Freunden? Genießen Sie unbegrenztes Internet mit bis zu fünf Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets und Spielkonsolen.
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We’ve perfected international Wi-Fi and calling, plus emergency service for busy travelers on the go.
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149 $ mit 1GB inklusive. Jedes weitere GB für nur 1,50 $.

Viel- oder Geschäftsreisender? Dann ist ein Teppy mit Sapphire die beste Wahl für Sie! Nehmen Sie Ihr eigenes privates und sicheres Wi-Fi überallhin mit. Nutzen Sie die virtuelle CloudSIM-Technologie und erhalten Sie ultraschnelles Internet in mehr als 130 Ländern ohne Bindung oder Vertrag.


Ab 39 $ mit 20 GB inklusive.

Entsperren Sie Ihr Smartphone und gehen Sie an mehr als 200 Reisezielen zu Tiefstpreisen online. Schlagen Sie Roaminggebühren ein Schnippchen und genießen Sie unbegrenztes Telefonieren und Texten mit 4G-LTE-Geschwindigkeit.

Internet in Chile

Hola! Book a trip to Chile to soak up the dizzying heights of the Andes and the plunging depths of the El Tatio geysers. It’s the home of world-class wine, inspiring Santiago, expansive national parks, and the instantly-recognisable Easter Island. Fill your trip with of glacier tours, mountain biking, and munching on Chilean empanadas and cazuela. Best of all, you'll instantly feel welcomed by friendly Chileans every step of the way.
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Picture of peaceful lake and Canadian mountain peaks

Bring your trusty Teppy travel WiFi hotspot to South America to help organise the best trip around Chile.

Teppy seamlessly searches for the best 4G network near you with virtual SIM technology and automagically connects to the most dependable mobile providers like Movistar, Claro, VTR Globalcom. Now your phone, tablet, and laptop can surf the web with a swift, safe, private WiFi network.

This frees up time and energy to spend on planning your trip, like booking wine tours and determining the routes for your hikes around Patagonia or the Atacama Desert. Everything is better when you’re connected, and travelling through Chile becomes a lot more straightforward with the help of the Teppy WiFi hotspot.

Try something new by sandboarding in Death Valley. Or, for a slower-paced alternative, opt for a guided walk. Compare the tours and activities on GetYourGuide.

See the iconic Moai statues and the incredible surroundings of Easter Island. Check flights online to get the best deals when flying from Santiago to Easter Island.

Spending a few days in the capital, Santiago, is also well worth it. Use Google Maps to track down the best attractions in this city, like La Moneda Palace, Cerro Santa Lucia, and views of the city from Costanera Center.

Explore the wine regions around Santiago - Aconcagua, Casablanca and Maipo valleys. Book a tour online through ToursByLocals and discover Chile's best vineyards.

Choose from 41 national parks and other beautiful places to hike, including the world’s tallest active volcano, Ojos del Salado. Plan your route with the AllTrails app, and don’t forget to share those incredible views with friends on social media or via WhatsApp.

All of this, and more, is possible with Teppy. With this trustworthy hotspot in your pocket, you’ll never fuss about finding the closest public WiFi network or dealing with infuriatingly slow Internet speeds. Let Teppy guide you on your ultimate Chile vacation.

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